ROT240X1800 Solid State Run-On / Lag Off Cube Timer

  • Description:

The ROT240X1800 provides simple, low cost run-on / lag off (off delay)ROT240X600 Solid State Run-On / Lag Off Cube Timer timing functionality for bathroom / toilet exhaust fans where it is desirable to run the fan longer then the room is occupied.


Other uses include element heating applications where the fan is continued to be run to remove any residual heat before turning off, therefore helping to prevent "nuisance trips" of any safety thermostat.


The ROT240X1800 can also be used in instances were a particular load or device needs to be run on longer then another.

  • Operation:

When voltage is applied to the timer and the switch is closed the load will operate. Once the switch is opened / released the timer continues to run on until the set time expires, turning off the load or device.

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  • Information Sheet:

ROT240X1800 Information Sheet
ROT240X1800 Schematic Diagram