LT240X300T Solid State Anticycle Cube Timer

  • Description:

Provides cost effective protection to Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and HeatLT240X300T Solid State Anticycle Cube Timer
Pump equipment from damage that may be caused by the rapid short cycling of compressors.


The LT240X300T is a direct wire for wire replacement for the 4 pin cube timer found in Temperzone units.


Available at all major refrigeration wholesalers Australia wide.

  • Operation:

Upon application of power, the load is energised. When the thermostat opens or there is a loss of power, the load is de-energised and the delay period begins. The compressor will not start again during the delay period.

  • Replaces:


Temperzone 12000750


  • Data Sheets:

LT240X300T Information Sheet
LT240X300T Schematic Diagram